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The Dayton Dynamic Language User Group is primarily focused on, as you can tell by the name, dynamic languages. If you’re interested in Ruby (including Rails), Python (including Django), PHP, Perl, Javascript, Scheme, Lisp, Smalltalk, etc, this is probably the place for you. We try not to talk specifically about things like C and Java, but there are no hard and fast rules (especially if you’re comparing them to a dynamic language).

The meetings are very informal. We usually don’t have any formal presentations, but people frequently show code that they’re working on. The flow of the meeting tends to meander, so if you’re interested in something specific, you should speak up! ).

We are a Special Interest Group (SIG) of the Dayton Microcomputer Association. See other DMA SIG meetings at [Meetup](http://www.meetup.com/Dayton-Microcomputer-Association-Meetup/

Upcoming Meetings

June 2018: Place change; PyCon review

June 13, 2018

PLACE CHANGE! And PyCon Review

We’ve got a problem! The Chess Club won’t be available on Wednesdays anymore. I haven’t been able to find downtown alternative locations yet.

Since we’re out of time and I don’t want to lose people by moving far, let’s meet at spaghetti warehouse at 7. We won’t be able to project anything, but that should be OK for now. We’ll stick a sign to the Chess Club door so people who miss this message won’t have to go far.

Also, we’ll discuss the glories of PyCon in Ohio.

PyFri@WBI: Python self-study meetups

Together with Tec^Edge, we’re having an informal weekly lunchtime meeting for folks learning Python. No program, just come to share questions with each other, show off what you’ve been working on, and discuss. We’ll meet most Fridays at noon at the Wright Brothers Institute. Check meetup to make sure we’re meeting on a particular Friday.

Many people can’t make that time, so join our mailing list to discuss possible times for an alternative session.

Mailing list

We have a mailing list that we use for occasional discussion, but usually just monthly meeting reminders. It’s extremely low traffic and definitely the best way to know what is going on with the group.



We have customarily meet on the !2nd Wednesday of every month from !7pm to !9pm in the back part of the main room at the Dayton Chess Club.

However, the Chess Club will no longer be available on Wednesdays, so we’ll be figuring out a new location. For now, meet at Spaghetti Warehouse, just down the block.

Here’s a map. Sometimes parking is hard to find, though all the metered spots are free after 6pm. If you’re lucky, you can find parking on 5th street in front of the building. There is also usually parking on a (sadly unmarked on all of the online maps we could find) road that goes between 4th and 5th street between Main street and Ludlow.

Larger Map


We typically walk over to the Spaghetti Warehouse (a few doors west of the Dayton Chess Club) for dinner & conversation after the meeting. You’re welcome to come.

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Dayton is home of the Dayton Microcomputer Association, one of the country’s oldest computer user groups. DMA serves as an umbrella group for a variety of Special Interest Groups like ours - see DMA’s meetup page.

The Dayton Tech Guide has links to a variety of resources in Dayton’s technical community.

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