September topic: Rust

Rust combines C-like speed with beautiful modern language design and ironclad memory safety. It’s often rated as the most beloved language in developers’ surveys, and is being used in an increasing number of applications.

We’ve looked at Rust in 2019, but this time we have a genuine Rustacean to guide our way: Jim Carr!
And techniques for tying Rust into programs written in languages like Python have continued to develop, so you can easily write hybrid applications that use each language where it’s easiest.

(Yes, I know Rust is not a dynamic language. We are willing to commit minor heresy here on occasion. Besides, it’s a cool language, which is the important part.)

Innovation Hub - not Brixx!

We’ve begun to meet in the Innovation Hub, a gorgeous new facility that’s part of the renovated Dayton Arcade complex. Enter through the doors that face the Wright Stop Plaza bus hub.

Street parking is free in the evening. I usually park on Ludlow Street.


if for any reason coming downtown doesn’t work for you (for instance, you’ve been exposed to COVID, or you’ve converted yourself to purely digital format and now exist as a set of cloud-hosted algorithms), we’ll be online as well!

Join us at 7 PM EDT on the PyFri Discord channel,, and click on the General voice chat link. You may need to install the Discord desktop app rather than just using the web interface.