Online Meeting

Join us at 7 PM EDT at

Topic: Programming for kids: Scratch and blocks

How can you corrupt the youth in your life to our dissolute programming lifestyle? Try a block-based programming environment, like Scratch. The drag- and-drop interface is far less intimidating than a page of text, yet it incorporates all the same principles of programming, creating an easy on-ramp toward amateur or even professional programming.

We’ll mostly cover Scratch, the best-known block programming system based on Scheme, but also touch on systems based on JavaScript, Python, etc. You’ll leave prepared to indoctrinate your kids, niece/phews, godchildren, neighbors’ kids, girl scouts selling cookies, etc.

Hour of Code

  • pep talk videos
  • branded content
  • very scripted pathways


  • eeeenormous library of examples
  • community sharing


  • transition to Python