Online Meeting

Join us at 7 PM EDT on the PyFri Discord channel,, and click on the General voice chat link. You may need to install the Discord desktop app rather than just using the web interface.

Topic: JavaScript Game of Life (Part I)

How would you like to see a polished, professional-grade JavaScript project by some veteran JS developers?

Well, sorry. Maybe try Dayton Web Developers.
Instead, do you want to see a seat-of-the pants clown show by some rank amateurs trying to figure out as we go along which end of JavaScript is up?

You do? All right! We’ve got you covered!

For TechFest 2021, DDL is building an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in the browser. We’ll review the code we’ve gotten so far and how it works; plan out what to do next and how; maybe even do some live-coding together. There’s no escaping JavaScript in this world, and sometimes fellow beginners make the best teachers.

As usual, bring your grab bag of questions, thoughts, news, and projects in or about any language to throw in the soup. We always have a good discussion.