Online Meeting

Join us at 7 PM EDT on the PyFri Discord channel,, and click on the General voice chat link. You may need to install the Discord desktop app rather than just using the web interface.

Topic: Gamewriting clinic

Let’s make a game! Let’s make it from scratch! And from Scratch!

We’ll focus on Scratch, since it’s an easy-to-use but powerful language that you can write and run within your web browser without setting up a single thing on your computer. But we’ll also do a quick survey of some other interesting options, like

  • Game-building libraries: PyGame, PPB, Arcade, Gosu, kiwi.js, …
  • Game engines: Alice, Ren’Py, Urho3D

As usual, bring your grab bag of questions, thoughts, news, and projects in or about any language to throw in the soup. We always have a good discussion.